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Servicing the South West for 30 years

TJR have built up over the years a fine trade base who can undertake just about any task required by the project. This means we are not limited to just the “run of the mill” project home. In fact most of the trades people like something “out of the ordinary” every now and then to “keep their hand in”.

Getting the design right

TJR Building can undertake the design if you wish or will work closly with your designer. We undertake a lot of minor alteration and addition work where the drawings are for compliance purposes. When we work with a designer  any potential problems are avoided prior to work commencing which is the most cost effective. Fixing problems “On the Run” is costly and timely.

Similarly choosing the products that add the most value is a logical choice, numerical not emotional. Remember every home is your “Dream Home”. We should know, we’ve built a dream home for the same couple several times and all were the last time, “This Is It”.

When a designer works with a builder it can be done to the budget. No point in designing something fantastic but not affordable. It will also have to be approved by the City / Shire and we all know the horror stories from the local press. It can be avoided at the design stage.

When you’re working on your “Design and Construct” (D & C) project, working with a team that you trust will give you peace of mind. After 30 years we must be doing something right and once again, a big Thank You for all the recommendations.

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When it comes down to it, trust is the most important criteria.

Working together with TJR is a win / win scenario.

If you give them the result you wish to achieve, they’ll interpret it into a building contract.

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